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Deepergroove Sydney 019
February 19, 2016 11:26 PM PST
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Back with another mix for 2016! A few classics, and some new music from Pryda, Jaytech, Fon Leman, Gareth Emery and more! Turn it up!


1. Fon.Leman - Anaconda (Original Mix)
2. Tritonal, Jeza - Can't Keep It In (Maor Levi's 'Starlight' Remix)
3. Vintage & Morelli - Sky High (Mindset Remix)
4. Bobina ft Betsie Larkin - You Belong To Me (PROFF Remix)
5. Gareth Emery - Firebird (Grum Remix)
6. Jaytech - Engage (Original Mix)
7. Pryda - Axis (Original Mix)
8. Jaytech - Epsilon
9. Jaytech - Groove Nova (Oliver Smith Deep Remix)
10. Pryda - Vega

Deepergroove Sydney 018
November 06, 2014 02:51 AM PST
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WE'RE BACK!! Fresh off the decks with a banging selection of prog house let's get stuck into it!

1. Mokka (Proff Intro Mix) - Flash Brothers
2. A Touch Of Mercy (PROFF's Proffgressive Remix) - Airdraw, Jo.E, Noen Ruarte
3. Sky High (Mindset Remix) - Vintage & Morelli
4. Rings Of Saturn - Ad Brown, Ben Coda
5. The Dig (Ben Coda Remix) - Adrianos Papadeas, George Mathiellis
6. Blue Angel (Fon.Leman Remix) - Boom Jinx, PROFF
7. Wild & Perfect Day (Extended Mix) - Rank 1 & Jochen Miller feat. Sarah Bettens
8. My Way (Original Mix) - Fon.Leman
9. - Flying Spirals (Matao Remix) - Sergey Tkachev & Alexey Sonar

Deepergroove Sydney Guest Mix 011: Yogi Saxena
April 23, 2012 04:42 AM PDT
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We're back with a brand new guest mix from Yogi Saxena, with tracks from heavyweights Above & Beyond, John Dahlback, Mat Zo, Kaskade, Parker & Hanson, Thomas Gold & Nicky Romero and more! Superbly mixed and best played a full volume!


1. Above & Beyond - Prelude (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix)-
2. John Dahlback- Love Inside (Dub Mix)
3. Madeon- Icarus
4. Mat Zo- Bipolar
5. Thomas Gold vs Nicky Romero- Gold Camorra (Yogi's Deepergrove Mashup)
6. Kaskade vs DBN & Menck- Step one for Redemption (Kaskade Mashup)
7. Mat Zo - Frequency Flyer
8. Parker & Hanson vs Kaskade - Sorry Alquimia (James Grant Mashup)
9. Mat Zo- Ring on It
10. Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston - Love Is Not Enough (Kaskade Remix)

Deepergroove Sydney 016
October 26, 2011 04:07 AM PDT
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Hi everyone! We're back with an all-new mix of the best in progressive from the masters such as Jaytech, Nigel Good, Michael Cassette, Kobana and Andrew Bayer and Dinka to name a few!

Starting off with the incredibly beautiful Counting The Points by Andrew Bayer, the intro is simply something to behold! The just-as-beautiful and melodic Depends On You by the legendary Electrobios & Liluca ft. Interplay is next and sets the mood for Kobana and Yane3dots' superb Undercover. Deep in the mix, we move into David Granha's excellent remix of Megatron from newcomer Pete McCarthey.

Terry Da Libra's amazing Audioscapes is up next, this is one of our favourite tracks this month, the bassline, melodies and overall production is simply superb, following on we hear Boom Jinx ft. Andrew Bayer's epic By All Means, which ups the ante without trying too hard, a hallmark of strong production and talent. Next, we hear Michael Cassette's massive remix of Lost Witness' Red Sun Rising, and he nails the remix perfectly.

Moving on to the last few tracks we hear Nigel Good's sublime Civilisation and then Jaytech's remix of Dinka's Meaningful Story. Following on we hear Chris Girard and Simon Sheppard's Perfect Days and finish off we hear Matt Samuel's Love Begins ft. Joel Edwards ending off the mix on a softer vocal note smiley

We trust you'll like the mix and really hope you enjoy it as much as we did smiley


1. Andrew Bayer - Counting The Points
2. Electrobios & Liluca Feat. Interplay - Depends On You
3. Kobana, Yane3dots - Undercover (Original Mix)
4. Pete Mccarthey - Megatron (David Granha Remix)
5. Terry Da Libra - Audioscapes (Original Mix)
6. Boom Jinx Feat. Andrew Bayer - By all means (Club Mix)
7. Lost Witness - Red Sun Rising (Michael Cassette Remix)
8. Nigel Good - Civilization (Original Mix)
9. Dinka - Meaningful Story (Jaytech Remix)
10. Chris Girard, Simon Sheppard - Perfect Days (Original Mix)
11. Matt Samuels - Love Begins feat. Joel Edwards (Extended Vocal Club Mix)

Deepergroove Sydney Guest Mix 010: DanSeven
August 12, 2011 05:22 AM PDT
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Welcome back to our 10th guest mix and we think it's very fitting that we've got Dan Seven in the mix for a superb blend of vocal, U.S, percussive and instrumental house for you to enjoy!

Mixed to perfection, you'll hear tracks from Loui & Scibi ft. Andrea Love, Takashi Watanabe, Homework, Daniel Dexter, Wollion & Dualton, Goody Goody, Hot Toddy and more, we thoroughly enjoyed this mix and we are sure you will to smiley

First off we hear Loui & Scibi's Dance All Night starting off with a solid yet funky bassline courtesy of Groove Cocktail, Andrea Love's vocals are as always perfectly spot-on and is as easy to listen to as it is to dance, next up we've got Daniel Dexter with Chicago's Flower taking it onto a more instrumental yet melody-focussed direction.

Takashi Watanabe serves up a classic slice of piano-driven jazz with Snare Jazz remixed by Satoshi Fumi, taking it way deep is Natalie Peris' smooth and sultry vocals with Who You Are, Homework is next in the mix with Rally Racquet Club bringing some funk-inspired loops and some downright smooth guitar stabs.

Pional is next with some deep house sounds with Where Eagles Dare, and Goody Goody fits in perfectly after that with Bordeauxx's French-house inspired remix of It Looks Like Love. Wollion & Dualton's deep Foursquare sets the perfect entry for Page ft. Yana Fortep's powerful vocal-laden Without You.

Ron Basejam's remix of Hot Toddy ft. Danielle Moore's Freekend is spot-on and signals the last quarter of this mix and it's a classic disco-house track with booty-shakin' bass and the almost-pre requisite guitar stabs and chopped up vocals, it's the right track at the right time. Beckers & Sandrino's SanFran Disco keeps the warm and funky side of things covered and Roberto Rodriguez is in fine form with his Like I Said laying down all that is fine and funky.

Finishing off this epic house experience is Gonzales with the Lone remix of Knight Moves followed by the Original mix and we think this is a superb close to the first ever house mix we've hosted here.

Thanks for reading and we are sure you've enjoyed this set from DanSeven as much as we have!


1 - Dance All Night (Groove Cocktail Classic Mix) - Loui & Scibi feat. Andrea Love.
2 - Chicago's Flower (Original Mix) - Daniel Dexter.
3 - Snare Jazz (Satoshi Fumi Remix) - Takashi Watanabe.
4 - Who You Are (Audien's Original Mix) - Natalie Peris.
5 - Rally Racquet Club (Original Mix) - Homework.
6 - Where Eagles Dare (Original Mix) - Pional.
7 - It Looks Like Love (Bordeauxx Remix) - Goody Goody.
8 - Foursquare (Original Mix) - Wollion & Dualton.
9 - Without You (Scibi Classic Mix) - Plage feat. Yana Fortep.
10 - Freekend (Ron Basejam Remix) - Hot Toddy feat. Danielle Moore.
11 - SanFran Disco (Original Mix) - Beckers & Sandrino.
12 - Like I Said (Original Mix) - Roberto Rodriguez.
13 - Knight Moves (Lone Remix) - Gonzales.
14 - Knight Moves (Original Mix) - Gonzales.

Deepergroove Sydney Guest Mix 009: Yogi Saxena
August 06, 2011 09:57 PM PDT
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Hi everyone smiley Welcome back to the next instalment of our Deepergroove Sydney series! This time we have one of our favourite DJ's Yogi Saxena in the mix! This month Yogi brings us an energy-filled set with tracks from Emil Croff, Electrobios, progressive house powerhouses Adam K & Soha, world famous Myon & Shane 54, the always-in form Andrew Bayer, Interplay and Save The Robot!

Starting off the mix we hear the dub mix of Emil Croff setting the mood with a thumping bassline and catchy vocal hook, mixing into Electrobios' and 2-Exlusive's I Need Your Help, kicking off the mix in great form. Next up we hear the unmistakable voice of Abigail Bailey on Pete tha Zouk & Masterchris's I Am Back Again with Adam K & Soha on remix duties.

Kicking it up a notch is Andain's Promises with the maestros Myon & Shane 54 lending their immense remix abilities to this track, it's an absolute masterpiece and Andrew Bayer's hit Paper Cranes following on. Electrobios and Interplay ft. Liluca's simply gorgeous Depends on you takes it down perfectly for Andrew Bayer's awesome Monolith, the unmistakable sound of Jerome Isma-ae's A Monster In My Closet is a track we've previously not heard before, and we love it!! Finishing off the mix is Save The Robot and Weekend Heroes' chunky bassline driven track Compassion.

We loved this mix and its peaks and troughs, it's a great listen and we're sure you'll like it as much as we did!

Grab it now in HQ MP3!


1. This Is My House (Dub Mix) - Emil Croff
2. I Need Your Help - Electrobios , 2-Exclusive
3. I Am Back Again (Adam K & Soha Club Mix) - Pete Tha Zouk, Mastercis, Abigail Bailey
4. Promises (Myon & Shane 54 Summer of Love Remix) - Andain
5. Paper Cranes - Andrew Bayer
6.Depends On You - Electrobios and Interplay ft. Liluca
7. Monolith- Andrew Bayer
8. A Monster In My Closet- Weekend Heroes, Jerome Isma-ae
9. Compassion- Save The Robot

Deepergroove Sydney 015
June 27, 2011 04:34 AM PDT
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After too long, we're back!!! We've got a huge mix in store for you this month with tracks from Dinka's new album Tales of The Sun, Medway & Luke Porter, Parker & Hanson, Hernan Cerbello, Suspect 44's brand new Japanese Schoolgirls with PROFF on the remix, and a whole lot more, we hope you enjoy this mix! smiley


1. Medway & Luke Porter - Clarity (Michael Cassette Remix)
2. Suspect 44 - Japanese Schoolgirls (PROFF Remix)
3. Matt Lange - Disintegrate (Original Mix)
4. Parker & Hanson - Alquimia(Andrew Bayer Remix)
5. Dinka - Ellipsis feat. Julie Thompson, Hadley, Civil Servants (Original Mix)
6. Russell G & Ad Brown - Slide (Original Mix)
7. Hernan Cerbello - Reach Your Soul
8. Stan Kolev - Don't Be (Marrakech's Vocal Mix)
9. Holden & Thompson - Nothing (Ad Brown Mix)
10 Adam Fielding - Lost In Silence (Elfsong Remix)
11. Proff & Answer42 - Cosmos
12. Matt Lange & Maxi Valvona - Losing Marbles (Original Mix)

Deepergroove Sydney Guest Mix 008: Yogi Saxena
May 02, 2011 04:11 AM PDT
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Hi and welcome to our latest guestmix, this week we feature Yogi Saxena with a brilliant new mix featuring Ticon, Ned Shepard & Sultan, Late Night Alumni, Chris Reece, Maor Levi, Hard Rock Sofa and more!

Opening with the Christian Smith remix of Ticon, we hit the ground running with the booming bassline of Ned Shepard & Sultan's Brilliant Kitsch, you'll love the quirky sounding trumpet! Onto deep house & prog favorites Late Night Alumni's You Can Be The One, certainly taking the energy up a notch!

Mixing into the unmistakable sound of Leventina with Mario Held & Aston Martinez's Only You we hear a thumping bassline, light guitar stabs, beautiful vocals & piano riffs and impeccable production, one of our favourite tracks in the mix! Next up is Chris Reece with Right Back ft. Romina Andrews providing her gorgeous vocals and EDX on the remix, always in form.

Getting deeper into Yogi's mix we hear Johnson & Haske's Gepetto, with Ticon on the remix we're certainly feeling this track, the melodies, vocal stabs, it makes for one beautiful track and lays down the perfect foundation for Maor Levi's Devotion.

Next up we hear Fedde le Grande's big-room epic Control Room certainly kicking up a notch, with a cracking electro-influenced bassline, and St Brothers with Blow Up with an absolute monster remix by Hook N Sling and Goodwill, this is definitely one to crank up, the synth + vocal breakdown will have you with your hands in the air!!

Wrapping up this powerhouse mix we hear Tritonal ft. Cristina Soto's Lifted with the brilliant Mat Zo on the remix! We certainly hope you'll enjoy this mix as much as we did, grab it now on the download in HQ MP3 smiley


1. Jixed- Ticon (Christian Smith Remx)
2. Kitsch- Ned Shepard & Sultan
3. You Can Be The One- Late Night Alumni (Ned Shepard & Sultan Remix)
4. Only You- Mario Held & Aston Martinez (Leventina Remix)
5. Right Back feat. Romina Andrews- Chris Reece (EDX's Indian Summer Remix)
6. Gepetto- Johnson & Haske (Ticon Remix)
7. Devotion- Maor Levi
8. Control Room- Fedde le Grand (Original Club Mix)
9. Blow Up- St. Brothers, Hard Rock Sofa (Hook N Sling & Goodwill Remix)
10. Lifted feat. Cristina Soto- Tritonal (Matt Zo Remix)

Deepergroove Sydney Guest Mix 007: DanSeven
April 21, 2011 08:17 PM PDT
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Hi everyone and welcome to our latest episode, this week we've got Deepergroove regular DanSeven bringing a superb mix of progressive beats, lush vocals and soaring synths!

We've got a who's who of the big names in the prog scene, with Schodt ft Aida Fenhel, Technical Lovers, Bobina ft Betsie Larkin, remixed by the ever-epic Proff, Sirens, Beckwith, Claes Rosen, Sean Marx, Adam K with Naan and more.

Superbly mixed and selected, we absolutely love this mix, starting off nice and mellow with Schodt and Aida Fenhel's White Tiger and Mike Mikhjian's Weekend, we move into Dapple Apple's Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt and Technical Lover's Casual Sex!

Setting the stage now for Proff's remix of Bobina ft. Betsie Larkin's You Belong To Me is one of the standout tracks on the mix, we adore Betsie's vocals! Next up we have Ad Brown's White Isle Club Mix of Siren's Stilettos, Ad always manages to take the original track and seemingly add so much more to it whilst keeping the original's sound.

Beckwith's N To Brooklyn and Claes Rosen's Endeavour is up next followed by Sean Marx's beautiful Cascades Of Light and Adam K & Naan's Wake Up with Adam K & Soha on the remix. We finish up now with Magnus Mykleby & Terry Da Libra's Flight 1 wrapping up this top quality mix from one of our favorite DJ's DanSeven!

We hope you enjoy this sensational guestmix, grab it now on the download in HQ simply by clicking the link smiley


1. Schodt feat. Aida Fenhel - White Tiger (Mango Remix) [Silk Royal Records]
2. Mike Mikhjian - Weekend Endorphine (Weekend Mix) [Lost Language]
3. Dapple Apple - Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt (Original Mix) [Silk Textures]
4. Technical Lovers - Casual Sex (Original Mix) [Mango Alley]
5. Bobina feat. Betsie Larkin - You Belong To Me (Proff Remix) [Maelstrom Recordings]
6. Sirens - Stilettos (Ad Brown's White Isle Club Mix) [Kitchenware Records]
7. Beckwith - N To Brooklyn (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]
8. Claes Rosen - Endeavour (Original Mix) [Nellie Recordings]
9. Sean Marx - Cascades Of Light (Original Mix) [Silk Royal Records]
10. Adam K feat. Naan - Wake Up (Adam K & Soha Remix) [Hotbox Digital]
11. Magnus Mykleby & Terry Da Libra - Flight 1 (Original Mix) [Arrival]

Deepergroove Sydney Guest Mix 006: Yogi Saxena
March 24, 2011 11:35 PM PDT

Hi everyone, we back with another listener guest mix!!! This time we hear the sounds of Yogi Saxena who's put together a truly wonderful guest mix. Featuring tracks and remixes from Wawa's No Problem with Cris Ortega and Thomas Gold on the remix, EDX's new Szeplo, Spencer & Hill's remix of Nadia Ali's Call On Me, Daniel Portman's brilliant remix of Maor Levi's Reflect, Tobita from Norman Doray, and finishing off the mix with Arty's awesome remix of Cosmic Gate's Back To Earth.

We absolutely loved Yogi's mix and we're sure you will too, grab it now on the download in HQ MP3 smiley


1. No Problem - Wawa (Chris Ortega/Thomas Gold Mix)
2. Origines- Sebastien Leger
3. Szeplo - EDX
4. Call My Name- Nadia Ali (Spencer & Hill Remix)
5. Reflect- Maor Levi (Daniel Portman Remix)
6. Make My Heart- Toni Braxton (Norman Doray Olympic Mix)
7. Big Ben- Save the Robot
8. Tobita- Norman Doray
9. Back to Earth- Cosmic Gate (Arty Remix)

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